Email is Endangering your Security

Email is notorious for being one of the least secure methods of communication across the internet. Email compromises are extremely common, and nearly all email providers such as Gmail and Outlook are scanning and accessing content held within emails. Zebu uses military grade encryption across the entire platform to protect your team's work. End-to-end, no knowledge encryption solution ensures that no one (not even us), nor the government or hackers can get your data.


Even Files are Encrypted

Not only do we encrypt your messages, but also encrypt every file and media you send within your conversations. Nothing you send in Zebu leaves your computer before being fully secured. With Zebu, the only people who can access sent files are the ones you sent them to. Learn more about Zebu security →

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Security for your Team and Beyond

Most team messaging systems only cover internal communication, which means you still need to rely on email for most outgoing communication. Zebu offers external connections; a simple way to continue having secure discussions and file transfer beyond your team. Now you can stop using email for sensitive outgoing information and ensure its protected with Zebu!

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The Easiest Way to Communicate

Connect allows you to easily onboard your entire organization as well as collaborate with people outside of it.

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Packed with Features!

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Chats, Groups, Discussions

No matter the needs of your discussion Zebu has a solution for you! Need to talk just 1 on 1? We have Chats! Need a group conversation? We have Groups! Want to have an open discussion? We have Channels!

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In large discussions there can be more than 1 topic being discussed at a time, With comments, our threaded conversations allow your team to effectively communicate without getting lost.

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Advanced Search

It has never been easier to find messages and files from your history! Search by keyword, date or conversation, and get the information you need at anytime!

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Sometimes words aren’t enough, that’s why we have emojis! Not only can you express yourself using them, but you can even add them as reactions to other messages!

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Have an important message you need to get to later? Just click to bookmark it and now it's reachable when you need it!

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Need to gather feedback from the team? Find the best meeting time? Pick a place to eat? With Zebu’s polling it's easier than ever; in just a few clicks you can send out a poll for your team to vote and get you the information you need.

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Text Styling

Customize your message with our text editing feature! Bold, italic, underline, color fonts, and more!

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Code Snippets

Developers can collaborate with our built-in code snippet system, supporting more than 20 languages!